Friday, May 06, 2016

The future of Mother's Day

Photo from 1991.  Flowers from our patio today.
I'm enjoying seeing the mother stories as we near Mother's Day on Facebook. Just saw an amazing one about a mother who had been a missionary with babies in the bush and still reads her Bible in 6 languages every morning despite a debilitating disease, just to keep her mind sharp. 
I'm wondering how long posting or writing about mothers will be legal--it could be hate speech to say biology means something. After all, a transgender man/woman can't have a baby, at least until they get that womb transplant figured out so it works as well as the remodeled penis turned inside out to be a vagina. And even then s/he would have to borrow someone else's eggs. And what about those moms who decided to become men?  How do their children feel about this holiday made up to sell cards and flowers? Do they miss her soft chest and pleasant voice?
And some millennial in college won't be able to find a safe place because she had a bad mother, or mom won't extend her credit. Or maybe someone with 2 mothers will demand that they get two special days. Really, our "fundamentally transformed" society is moving so quickly, I really don't know what to expect next for holidays. Last year we never dreamed we'd have trouble finding a restroom for mom, yet here we are.


Anonymous said...

How dismal and depressing. Lighten up or I may have to stop reading

Norma said...

Yes, it is depressing. Check back in about 2 years and see if I'm not right.