Thursday, May 26, 2016

Do you (or anyone) understand the European Union?

This film is obviously biased--the producers want Britain to leave the EU.  But what is interesting is the bureaucracy it describes, created to be obscure, and how this fits into an idea of "We the People." I'm convinced that the Brits are subjects of a vast machine they didn't elect and can't get rid of.  Now maybe you think that's a good idea, because power without accountability is pretty much what we have, and we're not members.  The EU bureaucracy has 10,000 employees (if that's what they are called) who are paid more than the British Prime Minister--no idea how many total.  They have their own housing, shopping centers, entertainment, restaurants and art museums.  "Investing in your future."  Sounds familiar doesn't it, but to get back one pound, Brits have to pay about 2.5.

Looking through the comments, I thought this one was interesting. "I'm Polish and have lived in the UK for over 10 years now. So, from my personal perspective open borders were beneficial. However despite a chance that I might have to leave this beautiful country, I truly hope British people will overwhelmingly vote to be a sovereign nation once more. Come on Brits! You've got once in a lifetime opportunity to get your country back - don't mess this up!."

There's a lot in this movie that is a message for the United States about regulation and how it is faceless, unelected, (in the historical, post WWII part) and not beneficial for the people.

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