Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Need hymns for Memorial Day services?

Need hymns for Memorial Day? This time of year, it's my most popular blog post. They are from a 1964 Methodist hymnal that I found at a book sale for ten cents.  And remember! Memorial Day (which began to honor Civil War dead) is for deceased; Veterans Day observed the end of WWI (11th hour of the11th day of the 11th month) and is for all veterans.

 Hymns for Memorial Day Observance

Also some news about veterans.  There's a bill to allow WWII women veterans into Arlington Cemetery.  I didn't know anyone was keeping them out, but apparently some Democrats were.

Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day and honored the war dead of the Civil War with flowers on their graves. After WWI it became Memorial Day and honored all war dead, or even all deceased friends and family depending on your customs.

When I was very young, I sold paper red poppies with my siblings to raise money for the American Legion, of which my dad was a district commander in Illinois. When I was older I remember attending services at the band shell in Mt. Morris, where a senior student was chosen to recite the poem, "In Flanders' Field." First my grandparents would decorate my uncle's grave (died in China in 1944) at the Ashton, IL cemetery; then later my mom and her sister; and after they died, my father went to the cemetery with the flowers. Now they are all gone, and I think my brother who now lives in Franklin Grove has continued the tradition.

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