Thursday, May 05, 2016

Let's Pretend you had Target rules in your house

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Let's pretend you are a progressive.  You have no problem with the new bathroom/toilet wars, and you think those who do have a sense of modesty are bigots and hateful, because it's OK to make 99.9% of the population feel uncomfortable so .1% can continue in a fantasy.

Let's pretend when I come to your house to play cards, and there's no door on the bathroom, but also no sexual predators, and you call me weird for feeling uncomfortable.

Let's pretend your adolescent daughter isn't comfortable with your naked boyfriend lounging in front of the TV, and he complains she's a prude for her sense of modesty.

Let's pretend your son has a very small penis and the other boys make fun of him in the shower room.  You tell the P.E. teacher to send him to the girls' shower because you believe he would feel better about himself there and the girls will just have to get over it. And of course, girls would never tease a boy about the size of his penis, right?

Let's pretend you invite visiting relatives in town for a church conference to spend the night at your home. There is no guest bathroom for them to use, but you tell them, just walk through the master bedroom and ignore your husband who likes to sleep in the nude. And don't worry about the sleepwalking.

Let's pretend you're at a crowded venue--maybe a rock concert.  Lots of beer flowing and some other unsavory stuff. The management has put up outdoor toilets stalls with no doors, open to all where people can get rid of the beer, and the occasional undigested pizza because there are too few stalls in the ladies room, plus now they are open to men anyway. The guys are too potted to even be dangerous so why are you so narrow minded, you're asked.

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