Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Success of black immigrants in the U.S.

I've been reading some glowing reports about foreign born black immigrants--education level, income, extending to 2nd generation. But that's not what Pew Research reports, although foreign born blacks do much better than native born, especially in marriage rate and education they don't necessarily do better than other immigrant groups. The difference may be Pew figures  include blacks from all over the world including South American and Caribbean and the other reports may be just Africa. The fact remains, many American blacks, like our President, do not have slavery in their history. And many American blacks are descended from families that did own slaves.
"First- and second-generation immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean, though only 13% of the nation’s blacks as a whole, represent 41% of all those of African descent at 28 selective universities and 23 % of the black population at all public universities." Their children excel at higher rates than any other American immigrant groups. This is reported in a number of publications, including Pew Research and the Census. But all the others sources mention that the marriage rate is much higher for immigrant blacks. Washington Post (this source) doesn't.

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