Monday, May 30, 2016

Bathrooms by Barack

President Obama's directive didn’t just apply to the bathrooms in schools or retail outlets like Target. It also entered the space of locker rooms, showers, dorms, overnight hotels for field trips, and other places you might not expect. This is not about "rights" for the under .03%---the plan is much more grandiose. The guidelines are very broad with generalizations, and will be a cottage industry for lawyers. I still haven't figured why the progressives who see a rapist in every college bar and apartment- are pushing this. I guess women's issues are as passe as the giant shoulder pads. But I DO KNOW that female athletes and your underage children are the next to be hurt (pedophiles are being renamed, "minor attracted people" and they want your sympathy and their rights to your kids). This has been in the works since 2012; BO's folks looking out for you.

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