Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Were you one of the millions suckered by DaVinci Code lies?

"The Da Vinci Code is significant not for what it says about the Catholic Church, but for what it inadvertently says about the state of Western culture at the beginning of the twenty-first century. The positive reception accorded to The Da Vinci Code reveals a society in deep denial of reality. The book came out to its warm reception after 9/11. The film version came out after the Beslan school massacre, after the Madrid train bombings, after the London tube bombings, and after three weeks of Muslim rioting in 275 French cities. The movie hit the theaters at just about the same time that news of the Mumbai train bombings (which killed 200 and injured 700) hit the news.

Yet such was the public mood that millions of gullible readers and moviegoers were willing to accept the thesis that the greatest threat to human happiness lay in the supposed machinations of powerful figures within the Catholic Church. Future historians will no doubt be amazed at our capacity for self-deception. That presumes, of course, that future historians won’t be under the thumbs of the Ayatollahs and Muftis—a presumption that can no longer be safely entertained."



Paula said...

Idk about lies, but that book was so terribly written that I skimmed it only so I could have a sense of what was going on. I don't know why I even bothered, and I'll never read another thing by Dan Brown. Torture. Put him in the bin with Nicholas Sparks. Blech!

Norma said...

One time I picked up a Nicholas Sparks book for a quarter at a used book sale, and it was so bad, I just threw it in the trash rather than donate it. But yes, if Brown had even checked Wikipedia, he could have done a better job on history.