Monday, May 23, 2016

Hillary Clinton wants the Hispanic vote

But first she wants to kill their babies.  She's pro-choice, pro-abortion for any reason, including gender and disability, and pro-Planned Parenthood which puts their clinics in minority neighborhoods.
Unlike their Catholic compatriots, Hispanic evangelicals tend to skew to the right on several issues that line up squarely with the Republican base, according to data provided to ThinkProgress from the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI). Evangélicos roughly mirror Hispanic Catholics in terms of age and education, but PRRI’s polling showed Latino evangelicals far more likely than the general Latino population to “oppose” or “strongly oppose” legalizing same-sex marriage (66 percent vs. 36 percent) and to say that abortion should be illegal in all instances (42 percent vs. 27 percent). The Pew Research survey found almost identical results.

Most significantly for Republicans, polls show that a solid slice of evangélicos are also uncharacteristically conservative on the most important question in American politics: Party identification. The PRRI survey reported that 21 percent of Hispanic evangelicals say they’re Republicans, a full 10 percent more than the total Hispanic population. (For context, most evangélicos — 41 percent — identify as independents, while 28 affiliate with the Democratic Party.) Pew found an even bolder conservative streak: A full 30 percent of Hispanic evangelical Protestant respondents said they “identify or lean Republican,” compared to 20 percent of Latino Catholic.

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