Monday, May 09, 2016

Who benefits from revisionist history about the Crusades

Don't be put off by references to Catholicism in this video--that WAS Christianity at the time of the Crusades.  But even when I was learning world history as a child, we were being misinformed, and eventually lied to. Europe would have become totally Muslim if it had not been for Christians uniting and fighting Islam in formerly Christian territory in the middle east. Dan Brown's novels have convinced millions that Christians were the aggressors, when in fact, Islam came along 700 years after Jesus told his disciples to GO. They "converted" much of the middle east from Christianity to Islam, with the same methods ISIS uses today. President Clinton in 2001, continued that evil myth.  This 30 minute video may not get it all correct, but will help balance the ignorance and anti-Christian myths we've learned in the U.S.

Dr. Paul Crawford, Crusade historian

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