Monday, May 09, 2016

I'm not the only Evangelical without a party or candidate

"There is consternation about the hard line Trump takes on immigrants and about the morality of a thrice-married man who has long bragged about his sexual conquests. But another factor is at work as well: The traditional social and cultural positions that drive many religious conservative voters, including same-sex marriage and abortion, have been cast aside by a candidate who seems to have little interest in fighting the culture wars."

"Heather Dreesman said thinking about the election in November makes her feel sick to her stomach. She said she now carries a sense of grief that the country is forsaking its values and feels anguish about what will happen. She would like to see a third-party candidate but doesn’t think it’s a real possibility — meaning she probably won’t vote.

“I hate to make this comparison,” she said. “I really do feel like in the future I would hate to look back and say, ‘I voted for Hitler.’ I feel like that may be what is happening if I vote for Trump.”"

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Dan Nieman said...

I am in the same boat, but I have been since 2008, when I switched my affiliation to Independent. I got tired of evangelicals being maligned after every loss. My thought was to let the chips fall where they may. The result 8 years later the Republicans chose Trump and they can't blame the Evangelical leadership, even though they will try.