Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Please pray for our military chaplains

 "It is a hardship upon the Regiment I think, to be denied a Chaplain." George Washington

“A still small voice frequently asked me, where is your God?” he wrote recently in his journal. “I feel so alone in this world. I am so isolated and alienated from people, the world, and myself. I feel like a Prisoner of a War who has been forgotten on the battlefield.” (Washington Post article, May 29)

If you Google Military ministry you'll find a number of organizations helping those traumatized by war or serving chaplains and military families. And of course, always research carefully before you donate, but prayers for those with trauma and PTSD are always safe and stamped in red "approved by God."

Fundamental Baptist Fellowship, Chaplains

Archdiocese for Military, Roman Catholic

Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, Armed Forces ministry

Orthodox Church in America Military Chaplains

U.S. Marine Corps, Religious ministry 

Presbyterians caring for Chaplains 

Prayers for soldiers, families, enemies, USCCB

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