Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Biden moves ahead with killing the unborn

From a Christian friend: "The day before the March for Life, the Biden Administration reversed the Mexico City Policy, which had prevented our tax dollars from funding abortions overseas. Now, our tax dollars are being used to spread the heinous policies of abortion worldwide.
We need to confess this sin for our nation and ask God for mercy. We also need to pray to change the hearts of our leaders to follow God. "


If you are a Christian and you voted for Biden, what do you think of his anti-Christian, pro-Marxist policies now? Are you pleased he's not only ordering more soldiers to DC for "show," but also to Syria?  Are you happy he's going to give more money to Iran, just as they announce a nuclear bomb? Are you pleased that more Americans--thousands--lost jobs at the stroke of a pen, or that in spite of all his criticism of Trump's Covid successes, he really had no plans except masks and social distancing?

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