Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Letter from friend Bill, who lives in Florida

My favorite senator, Joe Manchin (D) WV, is the man of the hour. He is and has been a great guy for the residents of WV and the USA as a country. He does work across the aisle with ease. His thought process puts his party's issues way down the list of importance, way behind the people of WV and the citizens of the USA. We could have a no better person to be the senator in power that can swing issues for the betterment of our country. He rejects the $15 an hour minimum wage as he realizes this just costs thousands of jobs to disappear for those folks who need these jobs, particularly folks in WV. He realizes the destruction of the energy industry for the supposedly green energy program is not in the best interest of the country and its citizens while killing thousands of high pay jobs. The environmental results of the private sector, increased use of natural gas, and fracking have made huge improvements during the last 3 years in our environment like no other country.

As we move forward addressing our economy and the country's health, Senator Manchin's thoughts will be the dominate mind set. Even though you may not be a member of his party nor a citizen of his state, send him a note of encouragement. Circumstances place him in a position that directs the future of our country. We could not have chosen a better person.

William Lundholm


Manchin says he doesn't support raising minimum wage to $15 per hour (

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