Tuesday, February 23, 2021

No more business as usual

I've been reading my husband's professional (architecture) literature for so many years, I think I could write the articles--at least the opinion pieces of the last 3 decades (social, cultural and green). But finally, a paragraph I support for its truth, yet question its suppositions.
"What's next? A year ago, the answer that no one foresaw would be "a pandemic." Though the COVID-19 pandemic will end, architecture cannot--and will not--simply return to its old habits and forms. The global health emergency has changed how we live, travel, and work. It has altered how we use and navigate space, what we expect regarding safety and sanitation, and the way we greet strangers and loved ones. . . " p. 59, Architect (journal of AIA), Jan/Feb 2021. 
The theme of the issue is Post-Vaccine Architecture. And the vaccine will change a lot, but it won't restore our faith in our government, it won't let us forget how politicians used us, and how our leaders accepted the call of power over the call of service. The vaccine can't restore the lost dreams, careers, businesses, relationships and lives. It can't undo the memories of cowering in our homes or replace the time we might have had with friends and relatives who have died. The top 1% in technology have become richer and more controlling; grifters, special interests and unions are absconding with our money buried in the Covid relief bills; the people who should have protected us have failed us; and their children, families and future move ahead without a hitch and are not being harmed. The poor and disadvantaged have lost even more ground after some spectacular gains the previous 3 years -- especially the children closed out of their schools. 

Churches, schools, and workplaces need to rethink many issues and policies. Don't allow the architects, engineers, governors, and politicians to do your decision making. We've had enough of "experts" telling us what to do and then responding without thinking it through.

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