Tuesday, February 02, 2021

IED statements

Statements on gender identification and underrepresented voices don't live up to their promises.  My comment at a federal agency, "Contact Us" page.

I was reading your IED statement: "“RESOLVE is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in its operations and products. We welcome and actively seek contributions from all backgrounds, ethnicities, races, gender identifications, and areas of expertise to build a fair, balanced, inclusive, and representative knowledge base on violent extremism and beyond. RESOLVE strives to elevate the work of diverse and underrepresented voices through inclusiveness in its membership, contracting and hiring practices, research conceptualization, literature reviews and publications, and capacity building activities.”

Is there anyone on your staff or among your contributing researchers, contractors or donors who are registered Republicans or Conservatives of any type? Do you know the rate? I'm a retired librarian (associate professor). In 2004, based on political contributions, librarians were 223:1 liberal to conservative, and in 2016 they were 419:1 liberal to conservative. That's not diversity. I'm not being snarky, and I'm not a troll. This is an honest question. If you have no diversity of opinion or politics, you are biased and not inclusive. Also, you don't mention age. Isn't that included in the Age Discrimination Act of 1975 for any agency receiving federal funding.

I'm 81. I'm not looking for work, but I do want to know how my tax dollars are being used. I'll be watching.

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