Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Could Homelessness become a Conservative issue?

Hugh Hewitt today has a good program on homelessness in California. It's not a new topic for him. Today he is suggesting that Conservatives should take this on as a cause. Liberals/progressives and Democrats/socialists have failed hugely, and are using the issue only to grab more money to solve a problem they really don't want to solve.

He says it is both a humanitarian issue and a property issue. The homeless were better off in the old days (pre-War on Poverty) when there were institutions to house, feed, and care for them rather than allowing them to live on the streets and destroy businesses and homes. Considering how the Left has revealed its hatred for private property, especially in various Marxist groups like BLM, their willingness to let this fester makes some sense.

The Left will always make homelessness an income issue, or a racial issue, and until a transwoman can't get into a women's shelter in San Francisco or Seattle, or the official count once a year, you won't even hear about it. Are they dying of Covid? Haven't heard much about that, but considering the living conditions and the co-morbidities of alcoholism and drug abuse, I would think so. It will look great on those requests for funding to hire more people at comfortable salaries for the non-profits and expanding government agencies.

https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=1928898523917429&ref=watch_permalink begin at about 1 hour with Byron York discussing the failures in California

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