Thursday, February 18, 2021

Biden talks to ally, Israel

Finally after almost a month, Biden got around to chatting with Netanyahu of Israel, our strongest ally in the Middle East. Trump called him on the second day of his administration. He's already talked to China and Russia. First things first. Appease our enemies. Wasn't that so easy to call off the Russia Russia Russia attacks in our own country? 

Biden's administration is filled with Obamabots, and the media are still swooning and throwing rose petals instead of questions. Don't expect the leakers' sources at the Post or Times to comb through every preposition and pause (or gaffe) in the phone conversation as they did with Trump looking for treason and xenophobia. 

Trump had offered, in the Middle East recent peace plan, the best deal the Palestinians had ever had under any U.S. president, but of course, they don't want peace so it was rejected. Biden doesn't want peace in the Middle East either, so he'll go back to coddling the Palestinians.

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