Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Should churches receive PPP to pay their staff?

ON AVERAGE, CHRISTIANS GIVE 2.5% OF THEIR INCOME TO CHURCHES. During the Great Depression, they gave 3.3%. Giving is way down since 1990.

Even though tithers are in the minority (5-10%), their tithes still make up a large part of the budget for churches (one-half to three-quarters according to Barna). The number in the pews who drop $1-$5 in the collection plate, if that, are in the majority. We discovered while still in our 20s that we were never short of money once we started tithing.

That said, I think it is unethical for churches to be applying for and receiving government money for PPP. First, most of them closed at least for awhile. Second, many of them still had at least part of their regular source of income. Third, as non-profits, churches don't pay federal taxes, because technically they have no income. (Their employees do pay taxes.) Fourth, I'm guessing the smallest and poorest churches probably couldn't even afford to apply--it's a very tedious and time consuming application.

I know it's legal--the two largest churches in my area got $677,000 and $667,000--and that was for 2.5 months to pay their staff. The information is public. at

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