Monday, February 22, 2021

One thing Rush said wasn’t true. . .

In 1994 Rush Limbaugh reflected on why liberals were so afraid of him. Not much changed in 27 years.

"I have not attracted and kept my audience by being a blowhard, a racist, a sexist, a hatemonger. Those who make such charges insult the intelligence of the American people. If l were truly what my critics claim, I would have long ago, deservedly, gone into oblivion. The fact is, my audience knows I constantly champion rugged individualism. One of the most oft-heard phrases on my shows is this: “I want a great America made up of great individuals, an America where everyone is unshackled to be the best he can be.” This is the philosophy that sends liberals into fits—because they know a country made of strong, self-reliant individuals does not need them at all."

He was criticized for reporting on his show that Sidwell school where Chelsea Clinton attended had assigned a paper to 8th graders on "Why I feel guilty being white." He was insulted and ridiculed for saying this on the air, but it turned out that it had already been reported in 3 other sources, and his critics had to apologize. What makes this story interesting 27 years later, is today would it even raise an eyebrow? CRT is all over the place and children are being brainwashed in violation of the Civil Rights laws.

Unfortunately, one thing he said in 1994 is not true today:

 ". . . modern liberalism—exhausted and confused—is on the run. "

Some how, the generation that fell in love with him in the 90s, managed to lose control of the Republican party, schools, boards of directors, entertainment, churches, non-profits, clubs, and turn out some very brainwashed socialists.

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