Saturday, February 27, 2021

CPAC, masks and Twitter

I caught an interview on Newsmax of something that happened at CPAC in FL. A young man with a twitter following (I’d never heard of him) had press credentials, and was wearing a mask, but when people asked to have a photo with him, he pulled it down. The Security asked him to leave. (Not sure how you eat, drink or take photos with masks--the entire Biden clan took off their masks for photos at the inauguration.) He thinks it was because of his t-shirt which said, “Arrest Cuomo.” Then he uploaded this incident to Twitter, and they have banned him. He says the CPAC event was in a blue county and individual stores and facilities have the right to control mask wearing, not the governor. Once Twitter found out it could ban the President of the free world and no one would stop it, it went crazy banning anyone it pleased. This makes Big Tech more powerful than Big Government, with its CEOs billionaires the richest people in the world. And not a one of us voted for or asked for that. But we did give away free all our data and they have imprisoned us with it.

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