Friday, August 20, 2021

A rose by any other name. . . guest blogger

To the people who want to claim CRT is not being taught in schools: I was a Social Justice mouthpiece for 20 years. A true believer. I’m not some noob you can speak lies to and intimidate. I’ve seen you talk down to parents, condescend to them, bully them, use pseudo-intellectual jargon to tell them they don’t know what they’re talking about. All the academic jargon in the world can’t cover the fact that teaching kids to judge and treat one another differently on the basis of race is wrong.

 The only reason y’all are running scared from CRT now is because the pushback on it has been effective. Same way y’all ran scared from SJW once enough people started correctly identifying it as something bad & racist, like they’re doing with CRT.

You can call it CRT, Intersectionality, Anti-Racism, Social Justice, DEI, and try to play a shell game based on public perception of the different terms but we are coming for ALL of them. There’s not one you can hide behind. So go ahead, call it DEI this time. I don’t care. It’s not actually about Diversity or Inclusion, though it is about Equity.

It’s racism, it’s vile and we will defeat it.

Keri Smith

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