Friday, August 13, 2021

Texas takes stand on sexual abuse of children through surgery

One should be an adult before choosing for no medical reason a double mastectomy or penectomy with castration and a lifetime on toxic hormones. In fact, I can't even show you a video of the procedure without first declaring my age to some faceless guard at YouTube! I think the medical team and parents colluding on this should lose their license to practice medicine and to parent. The trans agenda can't even agree on terms--it's no longer a sex change, it's not even sex reassignment, it's gender affirmation. How's that for lipstick on a pig.

Texas determines sex-change surgery for minors is child abuse - TheBlaze

ABA (American Booksellers Association) which is even more liberal than ALA (American Library Association) has profusely apologized for outraging its members by sending out "Irreversible Damage," by Abigail Shrier, an extremely well researched and sensible book which includes the premise that there is a social contagion effect of young girls rushing into invasive transition surgeries and medical interventions for gender dysphoria that they are likely to regret later. Listen up sensible people--there is no honor, no common sense, no tolerance for the truth and certainly no freedom of thought, speech or religion on the Left. 

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