Sunday, August 29, 2021

First world problems on a hot Sunday

 The neighbors have invited my husband for a sailboat ride, and now it's starting to thunder.

I told another neighbor I saw his daughter waiting tables at the Patio this morning.  Staffing is so light the "alumni" wait staff from years ago have been called in.  He told me she isn't his daughter, but was friends with his daughter and everyone makes that mistake.

My husband rarely complains about a sermon, but today we had a sweet young thing in her second church and third pregnancy.  It wasn't a bad sermon, but for people in our 80s, it was completely irrelevant.  We're finding that a lot these days.  "How to do it good" sermons and articles just have lost their appeal.

Speaking of that service, Michael Shirtz did a lovely, jazzy contemporary (his own, I think) arrangement of C. Austin Miles' "I come to the garden alone."  We don't hear it much these days, but early in the 20th century it was either loved or hated.  Adeline Jasper sang it at my grandmother's funeral in 1963, not knowing that my grandmother was one of the haters (according to my mother).  She considered it too shmaltzy and danceable for church--as did many others.  But it was a very popular hymn in those days.

Last night's program at the gazebo was breathlessly hot, both in weather and music.  The terrifically talented Chozen-Few from Cleveand played Motown, reggae, pop, jazz, blues and mostly 80s, so the gen-x grannies and over the hill boomers were getting up to dance to prove they've still got the moves. The squirrels in the tall trees surrounding the gazebo were going crazy jumping from limb to limb.  After 1.5 hours we left, and found out today it went on another 30 minutes.  We missed the sunset.

I left my beach towel at the Patio Restaurant this morning--I'd used it to cushion the hard bench in the park at morning worship. So I had to walk back in the heat to retrieve it.

On my way to the store, my neighbor on Oak handed me a sack of homegrown tomatoes while packing up his truck to go back to Dayton.  When I got them home I put two in the sun to ripen a bit.  Now it is cloudy and the sun has disappeared.  Wondering, is it too early for Ida to hit Ohio?  Ike (2008) did a few years back and in Columbus many neighborhoods were without power for days. 

Nap time is beginning earlier and earlier.  Today it was 11 a.m.

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