Monday, August 30, 2021

Visiting Phil's tree in the Memorial Garden

 Several mornings this summer I've walked from our cottage to the Lakeside memorial garden (Chautauqua Park) where our son Phil was interred last August.  He died in April 2020 after a brief battle with glioblastoma which had been found on October 1, 2019 after he had two seizures. I do that for a destination when I walk--it is beautiful, quiet and peaceful with park benches and fountains. I decided to call it Phil's tree, since there is no real grave.  It's a young Oak, surrounded with dwarf Iris, and five magnolia bushes behind the tree. Today I noticed there is a path into the woods to the north that I'd never seen before, so I went from stone and man made memorials, to the deep quiet and the dampness and smells of a forest, almost as dark as dusk although the sun was shining. There were several trails, but I eventually came out at another spot by the shelter where services are held. 




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