Thursday, August 26, 2021

Biden voters, this is on you!

"For four years, we had a president who, over the course of a single term, managed to undo a great deal of the mischief wrought, and a great many of the mistakes made, by his recent predecessors. Trump revived America’s economy, shored up Americans’ individual liberties, forged several remarkable peace agreements, and greatly strengthened our international position — thus firmly checking the ambitions of our powerful adversaries. 

But, Biden voters, he had a personality that rubbed you the wrong way. He wrote nasty tweets. In the language of TV production, he was too “hot.” You wanted “cool.” The Democrats put up a candidate who was plainly in mental decline. It was obvious every time he spoke. But you didn’t pay terribly close attention to his speeches. The sources from which you get your “news” carefully clipped out all of the bits of his appearances in which his befuddlement was manifest. If you heard someone speak out about his senility, you dismissed the charges out of hand." 

The news media, particularly MSNBC and CNN filtered, edited and snipped the worst of Biden, but you knew, you all knew. They were really covering for you, the Biden Voter. You never even found out about Trump's wonderful successes, but you could see what you were electing. And you were so arrogant about your fellow Americans. Calling us white supremacists if we wanted safe borders, or Nazis if we believe biology, and God forbid, we might listen to or watch a video about saving people sick from Covid. 

Update:  12 U.S. military just killed in a suicide bombing at the airport. 

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