Sunday, August 22, 2021

Beltway and Democrat followers of WaPo and Biden

The ignorance and banality I read in the Washington Post comments about Afghanistan and what Biden has done makes me fear for our country. I get the feed on Facebook and see the responses. Let's review.
1) Trump had a plan. . .wasn't great, but no one since 2003 had a better one. It was to bring the Taliban to the table and THEN withdraw leaving no military treasure, no Americans and no allies behind. Trump knew Taliban couldn't be trusted to keep the agreement and also committed to blow them to smithereens if they defaulted.
2) Biden did the opposite claiming it was all Trump's plan, and therefore his fault. In July Biden said it would be no Saigon--what he gave us was worse, so I suppose he delivered. Biden GAVE the Taliban the whole TABLE.

3) The country, the military, the air force the Taliban didn't have and Billions and Billions of armaments so they can control the middle east including Israel which all Muslims, particularly the fundamentalists wish to destroy were a gift from Biden.

4) Washington Post (mostly the beltway and Democrats) loyalists are so naive and gullible. They've always been so critical of Trump supporters, and now look like toddlers in a race against seasoned Olympians. No Trump supporter, even those who stormed the capitol on January 6, would fall for this.

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