Thursday, August 26, 2021

Bug-out Biden

"At this point, we are left with two questions: Why did Biden do it? And what will happen next? The answer to the first is that, for all his years in government, Biden, unlike Petraeus, has no idea how to take advice. Strong leaders appoint chief lieutenants who know more than they do about a particular area of competence. A good leader takes input from all circles, engages in collaborative discussions, and forms a consensus before reaching a decision. Biden, in his haste to pull out early, showed no willingness to do anything of the sort.
And why? Political reasons. For Biden, the prospect of leaving twenty years to the day after 9/11/2001 was perceived to be a coup for the majority of Americans who wanted out, so much so that the public’s short-term memory would overlook the multiple human tragedies occurring nearly fifteen months before the November 2022 congressional elections. "

We had a brass duet program in the park--a French horn and Trumpet, husband and wife from the Toledo symphony.  During a Q. & A.  one man in the audience stood up and said in a teary voice,  "I'm so distraught about what is happening in Afghanistan, I wonder if you could play the Star Spangled Banner for our brave troops."  So she did.  It was beautiful.. . and sad.

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