Friday, August 27, 2021

A terrible embarrassment--Joe Biden

If Biden had followed President Trump's withdrawal plan, which just about everyone wanted, lives and his own reputation could have been saved. As it is, he's claiming his disaster was Trump's. Ridiculous! He didn't follow ANYTHING Trump had negotiated. It's beginning to look like Biden's handlers (whoever they are, Obama? Susan Rice?) deliberately did this to destroy not only Biden's reputation and install Harris, but to also malign Trump and weaken our nation for China to pick the bones and grab the booty.

Now the military has an excuse to stay and fight again--something most of us didn't want. Biden has threatened the killers with strong words. Big Whoop. Democrats own this. These are the people who impeach for a phone call to another head of state, and yet can stand and stare at a real crime--13 Americans and 95 Afghans dead--and not have a clue. Their only regret is they might loose the 2022 elections.
Biden was never the "seasoned" diplomat and voice of reason that the media portrayed in 2020, or an antidote to Trump's tweets to clean out the cesspool. However, the shell of a man we saw in that press conference yesterday can only arouse pity. For him and us.

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