Thursday, August 12, 2021

August rain showers

 This morning I started out on my 2 mile walk (sort of a loop, and I'm probably exaggerating).  I stopped at a near-by "little library" and selected a book, "Nutribullet. Life changing recipes."  They lie.  I have one and it didn't change my life.  I went back and dropped it on our front porch rather than walk with it, then headed south to Fourth Street.  I'd gone about 3 blocks (stopping at another little library) when I felt a few sprinkles.  So I turned around and walked about a block to the Idlewylde Bed and Breakfast and sat on the porch for awhile.  When it stopped, I decided to go north along the lake, dawdled a while in the Walnut Street business district, and headed for the dock.  The sky over Kelley's Island was purple.  I thought that meant the rain had gone north over the lake.  No.  I waited at the pavilion for the storm to pass along with 3 fishermen and a dog walker I see every morning.

The Lakeside mission is to enrich the quality of life for all people, to foster traditional Christian values and nurture relationships through opportunities for renewal and growth which we call the four pillars--spiritual, intellectual, cultural and physical--while preserving Lakeside's heritage.  For almost 150 years (established as a campground in 1873) Lakeside has welcomed all ages to its beautiful grounds on the shore of Lake Erie, west of Cleveland and east of Toledo, and two and half hours from our home in Columbus. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Paces. Our little town has more than 900 private cottages which we own (lease) with 99 year leases. The non-profit organization, officially called "Lakeside Association" owns more than 50 structures, four major parks, and a large waterfront area for recreational water sports and fishing. There are cottages for rent, bed and breakfasts for brief stays, two hotels, and a campground for seasonal or overnight stays. Our little town is supported in part by assessing the cottage owners and through gate fees for all who enter from approximately Memorial Day to Labor Day. This way all who enter are able to enjoy our many recreational and educational events at the lakefront, the playgrounds and parks, the pool and wellness center, tennis courts, pickleball and shuffleboard courts, education and religious programs and lectures, entertainment in Hoover Auditorium by name performers and local groups, the Steele Memorial Bandstand in the park, and our wonderful Rhein Center for the Living Arts and the beautiful lakefront pavilion (built in 1909 and rebuilt in 1988) for enjoying sunsets and sunrises, concerts and worship. Most of the businesses in Lakeside are seasonal and include restaurants, a real estate and rental office, dress and gift shops, a wonderful book store, ice cream, coffee and carry out spots, and a beauty shop. There are many active organizations and volunteers that support the community from art teachers, to shuttle drivers, to garden helpers, to ushers and greeters. We also have a museum and archives to keep us grounded in our history.  

Our first summer at Lakeside was 1974 when our children, Phoebe and Phil, were 6 and 5 years old. We rented various cottages near the lake until 1988 when we purchased a small, year round house built in 1944 surrounded by wonderful neighbors from around the country. We went from one week rentals, to two weeks, to partial summer to full season Lakesiders after we retired over a 47 year period. Lakeside and the near-by Marblehead Lighthouse have presented many opportunities for subjects to paint as well as a place to teach at the Rhein Center for the Living Arts. 

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