Thursday, May 26, 2022

Biden is a pathological liar

Biden announced we need a special data base on police because they are killing black people, and blacks are in fear every day. They might be fearful because of his lies. 7 unarmed blacks (while committing crimes) were shot by police in 2021, while 7,000 were killed, most by other blacks. There was a time when Biden saved thousands of black lives, but not today. He was a sponsor of the Omnibus Crime Bill of 1993, and violence against blacks plummeted. But a lot of blacks went to prison, so Kamala Harris used it against him in the 2020 campaign. Now he says, "Oh look over there--police, not policing, kill blacks."

He’s also killing blacks by pushing obscene abortion laws, worst in the world for life or common sense. Why do Democrats hate black people? It’s the party of the KKK, Jim Crow, genocide, segregated schools (which it is reinstating with Woke policies), and for years it fought the Republicans on civil rights laws, especially anti-lynching laws. Even the laws they pass to “help” have hurt generations by kicking Dad out of the home, and have kept black adults from climbing the ladder of success.

He’s a pathological liar, and that was known about him before he was elected.

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