Saturday, May 21, 2022

TGIF: Conspiracy Theories, mostly from Democrats

 “All the news you need to know from the chaotic week that was.

By Nellie Bowles from Common Sense by Bari Weiss

 Three shootings in one week: On Saturday, in Buffalo, New York, a young white man traveled to a black neighborhood to shoot up a grocery store, killing 10 people and wounding 3. On Sunday, in Laguna Woods, California, a Chinese man went to a Taiwanese church with a gun, killing one and critically injuring four. In Dallas, a young black man went to a Korean spa, shooting three. 

In a single week, three mass shootings. Each appears to have been driven by specific racial hate—against black Americans, against Taiwanese, and against Koreans

Although the Buffalo shooter seemed to latch on to many deranged theories of both left and right wing varieties, his primary fixation was on the notion of a great replacement. This is a conspiracy that the Jews are bringing people of color into Western countries to overtake the white population and transform the character of the country. Remember how the white supremacists with the tiki torches in Charlottesville shouted “Jews will not replace us!” This was their ideology as well. It was also at least part of what motivated the Tree of Life shooter in Pittsburgh.

These shooters are all motivated by racist beliefs. Likely they are also mentally ill. (In the case of the Buffalo shooter, there were various red flags.) But somehow—and appallingly—this murderer has been cast as a . . . normal Republican. Here’s a Rolling Stone op-ed on it: “The Buffalo shooter isn’t a ‘lone wolf.’ He’s a mainstream Republican.” And after it emerged that the parishioners in the Taiwanese church tied up their shooter, Eric Swalwell, the congressman from California, wrote: “I’m sorry House GOP that the parishioners hogtied your boy.” 

This is a shockingly dark way to perceive half the country. We’ve long been the country of bowling alone, and you don’t need more reminders of falling church and community organization membership or of how few friends the average American man has now. Believing that half the country is a mentally ill murderous cult isn’t going to help.”

Really?  An 18 year old with mental problems known to all around him has a political/voting record? And Rolling Stone calls that "mainstream."  Evil stuff. Especially with no mention of the blood bath in Chicago every week-end. And wasn't it Swalwell who was "sleeping with the enemy."  Seemed to think he was attractive to a hot chick.

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