Thursday, May 19, 2022

Letter from 2016 on abortion

 On Apr 7, 2016, at 2:30 PM, Norma Bruce wrote:

Today I mailed a contribution for the legal defense of David Daleiden, facing three crippling law suits from 1) Planned Parenthood which receives half a billion in federal funds every year to kill the unborn, 2) The National Abortion Federation, and 3) the biotech company Stem Express. They are after him for those damning videos--you remember, don't you? The Planned Parenthood abortionist who sipped her wine and nibbled her salad while discussing how she could crush a living baby just right to keep the body parts in good shape for sale to a medical research lab. Or the PP council member who joked about hoping to get enough to buy a Lamborghini sports car ($200,000). Now the AG of California (running for Barbara Boxer’s seat) who has contributed over $80,000 to PP is going after him with a raid on his home. It’s not nice to expose the President’s favorite charity and donor to his campaigns.

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