Friday, May 20, 2022

Ten ways Biden is creating inflation at the pump and endangering us all  May 2022

1. Cancelled Keystone

2. Halted new old and gas leases

3. Killed off shore leasing programs

4. Nominated hostile, far-left activists

5. Invalidated Gulf shore lease 257

6. Pressured financial markets to abandon fossil fuel projects

7. Cut onshore permitting

8. Burdensome rules for greenhouse gas reporting

9. ESG for retirement savings investments

10. Begging Iran, Venezuela, and Saudi Arabia to produce more oil

And others:  November 2021  February 2022  March 2022  April 2022

And while Biden and MSM blame GOP or Tucker Carlson, for coddling Russia, it is in fact Russia who is funding the anti-fossil fuel cabal.  For decades.   "In 2017, congressional investigators found that a money trail linked Russia to millions of dollars funding U.S. nonprofits to work against U.S. shale gas in order to influence the U.S. energy market. Specifically, investigators found that NRDC, Sierra Club, and Climate Action Network were all found to have received millions of dollars of funding in grants from a shady San Francisco-based company called “Sea Change” that a money trail linked back to the Russians. Indeed, it is an open secret that Russians have funded anti-fracking and anti-natural gas propaganda in America for decades, as environmental groups funded the campaigns of Democrats and pressured them to ban fossil fuels."

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