Thursday, May 05, 2022

Microaggressions and Me at Ohio State University

 Hmmm.  What do you suppose this workshop, Microaggressions and Me, is really about, and who will be held accountable? I saw this wokeness notice at the Ohio State onCampus for May 5, 2022.  I don't know if it is a trial program waiting for compulsory status or if it's permanent and for credit. Something to keep the huge, multi-million dollar staff in the Diversity office busy?  But wait, first you must have Microaggressions 101 and 102! 

Diversity never means ideological or political diversity; it's never about the persecution or discrimination of Christians. As values to live by diversity, inclusion and equity aren't useful. Look at the biggest news stories of the moment--the Russian and Ukrainian War.  Same race, color, religion, history, fashion, architecture, music, athletic events etc.  Yet there is a war.  How many of the reasons were microaggressions?  Or the abortion conflict--the leaking of a draft of a SCOTUS decision.  Is the death of millions a microaggression or a holocaust? Is putting aside a horrid decision of the 1970s really a microaggression?  Yet it's all the talk today.

 How long before this is compulsory for all students and staff--although there is already something like that. They've done that, plus had that mobile "Check your Blind Spots" reeducation unit.  The College of Food Agriculture and other departments already have their own D. I. E. units. It's permanent employment for the Black Studies and Women Studies of the old days and more recently, Queer Studies graduates to get jobs. Could be victimology 101. .  I was blogging about the various workshops and reeducation camps offered by OSU in 2010. So is it any wonder that the kids went out from academe to populate the corporations to create "wokeness." We librarians had workshops in the 90s on how to give better service to foreign born, non-English speaking students, and students/staff with disabilities, but that was nothing compared to this brainscrubbing of the diversity czars.  Ohio State also has a DISCO program with 8 departments "to foster understanding about the possibilities and complications of social differences related to gender, race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, dis/ability, etc., and their intersections."

"Microaggressions and Me Workshop 

 Many of us wonder how we can intervene when we experience or witness a microaggression. But what do we do when someone tells us we are the person enacting a microaggression? How do we hold ourselves and each other accountable empathetically and consistently? This workshop offers participants an opportunity to reflect on the ways all of us can perpetuate microaggressions and explore how to move forward once we’ve been made aware of the microaggressions we perpetuate. Presented by ODI's Strategic Diversity Planning, Training and Assessment unit (to be attended after Microaggressions 101 and 102)."

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