Tuesday, May 17, 2022

What is Ultra-MAGA?

 The Trump slogan, Make America Great Again, has always been disturbing for Democrats.  I think it was the disgraced governor of New York that said, America was never great, or was that his disgraced brother?

Democrats want to Make America Weak Again, MAWA, and they've succeeded very quickly. Failure in Afghanistan withdrawal has really hurt the women, but the leftist media don't really want to discuss that.  Apparently only American women deserve to go to high school and college; only American women should be free to show their faces (although lots of Democrats are happy for women to cover up with masks that do nothing but interfere with breathing). Putin wouldn't have invade Ukraine if Biden hadn't shut down the U.S. ability to supply Europe with energy.  Do you really think a Trump Justice Department would be ignoring the flagrant violation of the rights of SCOTUS to not be harassed and intimidated--which is against the law?  Would Trump have been cheering the destruction of the unborn, especially blacks?

The recently departed (for MSM) Jen Psaki tried to pretend that Biden's Ultra-MAGA remarks were of Joe's own making, but now Washington Post reports that a Democrat focus group/marketers actually came up with that ridiculous statement which actually means make America even more great! Republicans are having great fun with it. https://news.yahoo.com/biden-used-term-ultra-maga-221015104.html

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