Tuesday, May 31, 2022

We're not at Lakeside

 But today I'm sorting/deleting e-mails from July 2009!  They appeared when I was changing e-mail programs.  Here's what I said:

We're having a great summer. Some terrific seminars. Took one on astronomy that just blew me away. I really don't know how scientists and academics remain such agnostics! When I hear about 100 billion galaxies, not stars, but galaxies, it just confirms my faith even more in a 6 day creation exactly as it says in Genesis. And 200 billion stars in just our galaxy. Wow. This week is health and wellness. I was too tired from other classes to attended the one on fatigue! Yesterday was all about "exercise is medicine," and tell me about it! I don't like to take medicine! But I am getting about 4 miles of walking a day here--it's so much easier to walk the lakefront than our condo grounds in Columbus. I took a class on sonnets this week and if the schedule is right will do Chaucer next week. I am Brit Lit impoverished because I was a foreign language major in college--wasn't required. Visited a fabulous organic herb farm on Wednesday--your husband would have loved it. Are you following my Lakeside blogs?

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