Monday, May 02, 2022

Smile by Chris Botkin guest blogger

In 1960, Walt Disney produced a movie starring English newcomer Hayley Mills in the title role as "Pollyanna." Not having been groomed, I was too young (7) for crushes one way or the other, but I liked her and the movie and I remember watching it multiple times. Pollyanna was just a young girl and of course no one listened to her, but she was unfailingly cheerful and optimistic about even the most hopeless things, and by the end of the movie she had brightened the lives of everyone around her to the point it almost presaged the porn definition of "happy ending." The message was clear even to prepubescent seven-year-olds: always look on the bright side, hope for the best, things are not as bad as they seem.

The sixties being what they were, that attitude came to be mocked mercilessly, and "Pollyannaism" became a cognoscenti pejorative for unrealistically positive expectations in all walks of life. "OK, Pollyanna" was the "OK, Boomer" of its day. Being tagged as overtly optimistic was the debate closer, your opinion does not matter, you are not listening to "reason."

Well, call me Pollyanna.

I remember Trump finding Obama's missing magic wand, adding 400% more jobs in his first two years than Obama had added in his last two years. I remember deregulation, low inflation, high employment, border control, a more conciliatory China, NATO countries increasing their military budgets, the Abraham Accords and an embassy in Jerusalem. I remember escaping the Paris Accords, cancelling the Iran Deal, ending NAFTA. I remember ISIS mysteriously... disappearing. The caliphate met its unlamented fate, without so much as an obit in the press.

With the possible exception of NAFTA, these were all significant successes, IMO, and I remember them. Do you? Do you remember Pollyanna?

Because, in my Pollyannaism, it sure looks like the Democrats are setting the pins up for a resounding Republican 300 game in the next few years. The pinheads are primed to be bowled over.

The higher the peak of their peak woke lunacy, the greater their fall when the smackdown comes. And whether it is Trump again, or some other Republican, we know the smackdown is coming hard. We have the magic wand. We have seen it done. And it will resemble the fall of the Roman Reich less than Dresden times Nagasaki when it comes.

The left has spent all its political capital. Now, it's on life support with literally borrowed money. Their only way in any direction is to double down on failing programs and lie harder, building the tower of babble higher and higher brick by teetering brick.

I look ahead in my Pollyanna future, and I see the gobsmacking improvement over our country today. I see the Democrat rank and file seeing the gobsmacking improvement over our country today. And I see us all coming together to dance on the grave of the Democrat Party.

But then, I've been an optimist since I was seven.

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