Sunday, October 09, 2022

Attacks on Catholic churches and pro-life centers

There have been at least 73 attacks on pregnancy centers and pro-life offices, along with at least 83 attacks on Catholic churches, since the Supreme Court's decision was leaked to the public on May 2, according to CatholicVote, a Catholic political advocacy group.  Yet the FBI sent heavily armed federal agents to the home of Mark Houck, a pro-life activist, over allegedly shoving a Planned Parenthood worker following a verbal altercation. The local police had already investigated it and found nothing criminal. Imagine the hysteria of the media if 83 black churches had been attacked in a few months. Remember the non-story about black churches in the 1990s being burned, and it turned out it was just the media not doing their research. Well, they are certainly quiet about the problem the Left has with keeping babies alive long enough to be born.

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