Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Christian Martyrs in Nigeria

The slaughter of Christians in Nigeria was a concern of President Trump, so Biden and Blinken had them removed from the watch list! Apparently, didn't think it was a problem or, they want to tamp down the many good things for religious freedom done by Trump. There are now more documented cases of Christian martyrdom in Nigeria than every other country combined according to Revelation Media. Our current State Department is concerned about anti-Muslim hate crimes--but not they people they are killing.

"At the beginning of his administration, Biden called on the State Department to monitor vigilantly countries that do not embrace “transgender rights” and authorized diplomats to meddle in their affairs. A country that upholds the natural moral law is more likely to end up on a State Department blacklist than a country that violates it. To hear Biden and Blinken speak, one would think Christians pose the greatest threat to “global progress.” Biden’s rhetoric about Islamic countries is always very hesitant, but it turns very robust on the subject of “Christian nationalists” like Hungary’s Viktor Orb├ín."

According to Gallup poll in Dec. 2021, about three in four Americans said they identify with a specific religious faith. By far the largest proportion, 69%, identify with a Christian religion, including 35% who are Protestant, 22% Catholic and 12% who identify with another Christian religion or simply as a "Christian." " And yet both Obama and Biden refuse to call this a Christian nation. Not everything is defined in the Constitution, like what is a woman, and what is a marriage, but sometimes politicians have no common sense about what is common knowledge.


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