Friday, October 14, 2022

JP Morgan Chase cancels Ye

I heard on the radio that Chase has "cancelled" Ye (Kanye West). They can say it's his anti-Semitic remarks, but we know what it's about.
  • He supports Trump;
  • he appeared on the Tucker show;
  • he had the audacity to say publicly white lives matter;
  • he doesn't buy into the BLM nonsense;
  • he speaks out for divorced fathers;
  • he believes blacks don't have a place in the economy like other groups as long as they are on the dole;
  • and he's a Christian.
But Trump is the #1 reason, The same Trump who has a Jewish daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren. And the same people hiding behind this story ridiculed and insulted the Kushners and tried to destroy her business. The same ilk is OK with Berkeley, on the left coast, having "Jewish Free Zones" on its campus. These same hypocrites on the Left are OK with slaves in China and OK with the published death threats from Muslims against Israel. If I knew how to cancel my Chase account, I'd do it. Maybe someone can send me the name of the guy to write to. I do a lot of that.

JPMorgan Chase Terminates Relationship With Kanye West (

Prominent bank abruptly cancels Kanye West, gives him just weeks to move accounts to another bank - TheBlaze

I watched the Tucker interview and was very impressed. I didn't know much about Ye (his new self-chosen name), in fact, didn't even know he was divorced.

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