Sunday, October 02, 2022

Think before you vote--it's still taking a life no matter what Democrats call it

If you live in a state that is going for a constitutional amendment for abortion (like Michigan) think before you vote. Especially if you are pro-choice. The amendment goes much further than Roe, and that's one of the slogans--return to Roe. That's a lie. It removes your parental rights, it forces you to pay for them, it removes your right to conscience protection if you are a health worker, and in the extreme since it could allow a 14 year old to decide to abort, it could remove her protection of current age of consent laws. If she can decide abortion, why not sex with an adult man? Liberals/progressives, Democrats, humanists just lie about important issues. I don't know why, but you always need to dig down deep for the truth. They also play with words. On the ballot, it will not be clear in most cases. Investigate before you vote. It's abortion anytime, anyplace, any reason. That could mean no regulation of clinics, or it could mean sucking out the brain the day before the due date. Although on that last one, if it's legal, I suppose the baby doesn't need to be dead before delivery to avoid homicide charges.

"Calling it a “hodgepodge of nonsensical gibberish” and a “word salad” of “incomprehensible argle-bargle,” opponents of the measure say it is so riddled with typographical errors that state officials should strike it from the Nov. 8 ballot.

“The text of the amendment is filled with run-on words that are incomprehensible, making an already confusing amendment impossible to understand,” Christen Pollo, spokeswoman for Citizens to Support MI Women and Children, a coalition of pro-life groups opposed to the proposal, said Aug. 16.

“Amending the constitution is serious business” she added, “and these people didn’t take it seriously enough even to proofread their own language.”" Oops! Typo-filled Michigan abortion amendment could have used a proofreader | Catholic News Agency

For those poorly catechized Christians who believe the liberals' lie that Jesus didn't address abortion, a common event in first century middle east, keep in mind what both the OT and NT says about taking care of the poor, weak and hungry. You can't find a better definition of a pre-birth baby.

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