Monday, October 17, 2022

Now that we know, what should be done

Sometimes we can't know what we don't know. What happened from March 2020 through today (when I saw people still wearing masks inside their cars with several dirty masks on the dash) would have been unimaginable in western, democratic, free countries as recently as December 2019, but did happen. 
  • The vulnerable and most at risk for the disease weren't protected
  • Those not at risk were forced to comply as though they were in danger of dying
  • There were mass violations of civil liberties
  • Unknown risks have been passed on to the next generation because pregnant and lactating women were included in the madness
  • Young men in the prime of life have been forced through peer pressure, government edict, and threats of job loss to take heart risks with odds they would never consent to for a plane flight
  • Laws involving elections were violated or made up on the spot
  • Minor, unelected officials assumed great authority and power 
  • Small businesses were ruined; massive businesses got wealthier
  • People skipped treatment for cancer and heart because government was protecting hospitals and not patients
  • Safe alternative treatment options were forbidden--even their names could not be spoken
  • Anxiety and mental health issues soared from both lack of care and the sufferers being terrified and sickened by media
  • Lockdowns separated the dying from their families, their last comfort, or contributed to their early death
  • Even when it was learned that the jabs didn't prevent getting the disease and didn't stop transmission to others, ridiculous rules stayed in place, controlled by teachers' unions, businesses, the White House, and CDC
  • "Trust the science" became a joke and punch line with our elected officials bowing to the power and money, not laws or common sense or honoring the people who elected them
  • One unelected man, an aging bureaucrat controlling two presidents and billions in grants to pharmaceutical companies, claimed to be the face of "Science" and if we distrusted him, we were traitors 
  • There should be town halls in every village, town, city, church, business, club and university to sort this out. Maybe financial reparations will never happen, but we deserve an explanation for the cowardliness of our so-called leaders who needed to step up and STOP THE INSANITY. 
  • For the friends and family who died, for the grandparents who didn't see their grandchildren for 2 years, for the jobs lost, the friendships destroyed, the trust stomped on we need to make sure it never happens again.

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