Sunday, October 23, 2022

The 2020 election with Joe in the basement

I wonder how many Democrats would have voted for Joe if he'd campaigned on open borders, rising crime rates, a new war with Russia, higher taxes, destruction of the First Amendment, expanding the pandemic, destruction of our economy, raging inflation, a congressional investigation that exceeds the power of House Un-American Activities Commitee (HUAC) for disloyalty and subversive activities, shutting down desperately needed fuel for the rest of the world and killing the unborn up to full term?

I suppose that's why he stayed in the basement and didn't campaign in 2020. Although I did hear him say on one appearance he was running for the Senate. And another time he called a young woman a lying dog-faced pony soldier, and he sniffed a few little girls, so maybe he did say these things and loyal Democrats didn't care? I know a few, and they seem like normal, thinking, moral people . . . did they know, or did they hate Trump so much they voted for their hate?

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