Sunday, October 09, 2022

Europe's winter energy supply endangered by Biden

The UK had rolling blackouts before the Russia-Ukraine War because of "renewables." Can't imagine what England is in for this winter now that Joe has become the fossil fuel gatekeeper. The U.S. could've have been the energy savior of the world, but Joe Biden's handlers wanted something different. We could have also been a leader in "renewables" because solving these sort of money making problems with technology is what the U.S. capitalists are known for. But again, someone thought it better that young minds in college focus on old Democrat lies like skin color, Jim Crow and which bathroom and pronoun to use. The D.I.E. cabal chose the meme that achievement, ambition and competition are "white," and therefore bad for minority youth, condemning them to a life of servitude in debt to the government.

"Andrew Crossland, an energy consultant who runs a website that tracks UK energy usage, told ITV News the UK has lost its energy diversity and energy independence because the country has closed almost all of its coal power plants, with the gap in provision mostly filled by imported gas." (Oct. 2021) Could the UK face blackouts this winter due to soaring energy prices? | ITV News 

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