Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Flying taxis and Chinese education

This morning I saw a TV report of a flying taxi being demonstrated in Dubai, made by the Chinese. The minute I saw it I was pretty sure the Chinese schools aren't submerged in woke and are making mincemeat of our union controlled, big government schools tying our young people to the failures of the past with D.I.E., diversity, inclusion and equity.

What a shame. The Chinese still have slavery, and Dubai lives on the servanthood of low income workers imported from all over the Asian and African world who can't become citizens. In the U.S. where we have a global population representing hundreds of ethnicities and cultures and we have opportunity for all, Leftists rotting the core of the Democrat party strangle our citizens with critical theory, climate lies, and destruction of our foundation in Western Civilization which has given all freedom to achieve and grow.

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