Monday, October 03, 2022

Kamala Harris is a blatant racist and classist

Kamala Harris may be the biggest racist of the year, or maybe of the Biden administration. . . and that's saying something. Democrats will claim that Trump is a racist with no evidence.  But the Biden gang proves it every day.  Her latest scandal is she has politicized Hurricane Ian because she wants "equity." Federal money she told a Democrat political group should go to the poor and [read] black people. I guess if a black multi-millionaire loses his property because the house was too close to the water on Sanibel, FEMA should give him more money than the white middle class guy who uses his property to invest for his retirement. But in her mind it's about "climate change" (used different set of words to be cagey) and systemic racism. The woman, who most recently told the world we were allies of North Korea and cackles like a crow, cannot be trusted with history, science, common sense or the best interests of black Americans.

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