Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Clues about the election outcomes

Maybe some clues about the election results.
I was listening to Matt Walsh last night and he had some interesting statistics about Gen-Z--both that generation and their lifestyles and voting patterns (born 1996-2015). Overwhelmingly, they voted Democrat--huge spread from other generations. Only 45% of Gen Z report having good mental health--many suffer from anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, Bi-polar, etc. and a high percentage have seen a professional or take medication. From Catholics to Lutherans to Bible Only churches, Gen-Z is turned off--but they are instead opting for pantheism, gnosticism and the occult. They are "spiritual" but not religious, so they have no real grounding in faith because those expressions are all interior focused and not based on truth.

And maybe that's a message about where Democrats, and our Democracy, are going. Mentally confused and ungrounded in reality voters reach out for big government to help them survive. This provides a ready made market for Big Pharma which helps to elect more Democrats with its profits. From the time they entered Kindergarten they've been told the world is going to crash and burn unless they do something, anything, like recycle, or stop using plastic, or rush into the streets and scream. They've been taught to look inward for strength, and that their bodies don't matter--that sex is now gender and can all be changed just through wishful thinking, amputating body parts, and making others change their pronouns. Then the lockdown came and they were left to their own company. A perfect storm.

Poor lil Gen-Z. They grew up in a country rich beyond any other generation's dreams and they believe they can/will destroy it, and that God isn't revealed in the Bible or the churches, but they personally will save the world if they just follow some guru or their inner light and swallow some pills.
Creepy Joe is just the president they need and want.

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