Friday, November 18, 2022

Ukraine, Russia and WW3

I love the Russian people, and I love the Ukrainian people, and it grieves me to see 2 Christian countries with its young men killing each other and bombing cities filled with civilians. It is estimated that both countries have lost more than 100,000 soldiers since February. If that doesn't make you cry for the parents, wives and children then you are cold indeed. But after the stunt that almost put us in WW3 last week, I'm so done with Zelensky. His government is turning out to be as big a fraud as the Biden Administration. US taxpayers have paid billions to "protect" Ukraine's border while our own border welcomes intruders and criminals in the name of compassion and fairness. Thousands of Americans have died from the fentanyl that comes in with the cartels using our own non-profits to feed, cloth, and transport them. Biden cut and ran in Afghanistan--ran right to a border fight that is probably 1,000 years old, between two countries that used to be one--the USSR.

I have no way to prove this hunch, but I don't think we'd be in this danger if Trump were still president (although he won't be able to stop it if he were reelected). Obama made the first fumble in 2014 with Crimea; Putin pulled back when we had a strong man in DC after the 2016 election. But when Biden showed his dimness and bumbling in August 2021, Putin took advantage. Ukraine's corruption and Biden's crime family had shown their relationship and Trump was on to that (for which he was impeached).
Goodness, what a mess.

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