Tuesday, November 01, 2022

The Pelosi attack is fishy

Nancy Pelosi said she wanted to punch Trump out and she'd be happy to go to jail for it. Hillary Clinton called 80 million Americans deplorable. Joe Biden has sent his Justice Department to attack parents at school board meetings and pro-lifers at abortion clinics. His verbal assaults on Republicans could be the source of vandalism at pregnancy clinics and offices of GOP. In fact, Biden has been the worst. Gov. Cuomo of New York said "America was never great." Then they have the nerve to call out Republicans for word violence when a crazy man attacked Pelosi's husband (at least that's the story right now--looks very fishy--smells like Smollet). Where were Pelosi's security guards and how did the police happen to be in the room before the perp attacked her husband? Isn't she the one who was also in charge of the security of the Capitol on January 6 and ignored the warnings?

A homeless, mentally disturbed illegal alien nudist who lives in a camp with a BLM banner at his place and all the media jump on the get Trump bandwagon. Yet it was Nancy Pelosi who threated Trump and said she'd be happy to go to jail.

And again, we won't be able to state the obvious, just like all of 2020-2021-2022 about the pandemic and its origin without fearing loss of a job, being called a racist, a white supremist, or a right wing nut. Once again, the Democrats will shut down our constitutionally protected speech.

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