Saturday, November 05, 2022

White suburban women move to the right 27 percentage points

So white liberal suburban women are turning away from the Democrats. Good for them. It would seem that these women can be mama bears after all. Perhaps pushing boys onto girls' athletic teams and into their locker rooms is not such a great draw when momma had hopes her little girl could get a college athletic scholarship or place in the Olympics. Women who were always pro-choice perhaps figured out there was something different than expelling a 6 week old fetus with 2 pills than chopping up a 9 month unborn baby ready to take her place in life. Or maybe she knows some kids dead from fentanyl grown in China and brought through the loosey-goosey Biden border by Mexican drug cartels. Locking their kids out of school and forcing them to wear masks when all the "science" showed it was not only bad for the kids, it was a huge money maker for Big Pharma, and a peek at the sort of power grabs the Democrat Party has in store for the future. And never forget, even the upper middle class mom goes to the grocery store and gas station. They went to college. They know it is government policy that creates inflation.

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